The Swiss Knife
of farm marketing

The all-in-one toolkit for market gardeners who sell locally.

"custom-built for farms like us"

Wider Public.
Tables' got it.

Selling to

Personalized orders without the headaches.
Automated management of deposits and account balances
Clients notified when they can order
Define the default basket and its customization options
Min and Max quantities per product
Online payments available
Well-structured order reports to help fulfillment

"exactly what we were looking for"
Selling to
General Public

Demand for local food is through the roof.
Personalized online store
Your own storefront at
Automated order reminders for all your clients
Local clients discover your farm and products through the platform
Orders are taken and processed by the system, with no extra burden
Minimum order amounts
Drop-off location or at-home delivery (with or without extra fees)
Online payments
Clear, optimized sales & harvest reports

"we can finally sell online like we always wanted"
Selling to
Restaurants & Grocers

Commercial distribution for busy professionnals.
Your own business client list
Convenient and fast order process for chefs and managers
Adapted product formats, quantities and availabilities
Online payments available
Min and Max quantities per product
Automated inventory management

"our chefs prefer ordering this way"
"we can finally sell online like we always wanted"

How it works

Setting up shop

Create your free account, no strings attached
Choose which sales channels you want to target (CSA, public, restaurants, grocers)
Enter your products, photos and prices
Set your season dates, order windows and delivery terms
Building your client list

Each of your sales channels has its own client list
In private channels (CSAs, restaurants, grocers), you enter your own clients
In public channels, clients are free to join anytime
Taking orders

Tables notifies all of a channel's clients when an order window opens
Clients are free to place orders as they wish
Product inventory and order limits are automatically enforced
Secure and automated online payments (via Stripe)
Instant reports for orders, sales, harvests and deliveries
Full accounting integration with QuickBooks or CSV exports
"saves us so much time, you have no idea!"

The end of that tedious paperwork.

"sexier than Excel!"

Night and Day

The Headaches of Taking Orders

Word or PDF document preparation of your offer Your offer ready in just a few clicks
Manual sending to each client Automated emails and notifications
Endless phone calls, emails, texts Centralized orders and streamlined communications
Typos & slip-ups in orders Never any wrong number anywhere
Excel spradsheets nightmare No more copy-pasting
Adding up of orders for each product Instant harvest reports
Manual billing & invoicing for each client Instant QuickBooks or CSV accounting exports
"I would never go back"

All your numbers, all in one place.

"totally worth it"

How much does it cost?

Tables charges the farm 1% of total orders. That's it. No other service fees, signup fees or any other fees.
The 1% fee applies to every order processed through the system, whether with online payments or not. Every order processed through the platform is billable.
Online payments are optional, work with the world-class Stripe payment-processor, and are routed directly to the farm's bank account. The transaction is thus entirely between the client and the farm. Tables then bills the farm 1% of that amount. Let's work through an example. If a client placed an order for $100, Stripe would take their ~3%, transfer ~$97 to your account, and Tables would charge 1$ to your credit card. You would pocket a net ~96$.
"never had any problems with my orders"

Chefs Love Tables

Trusted & Reliable
Our commercial ordering platform has already been a hit for many years with many top Montreal restaurants. Your chefs will love it too!
Au Pied de Cochon
Buvette Chez Simone
Café Parvis
Hoogan et Beaufort
Joe Beef
La Récolte
Laurie Raphaël
Le Club Chasse et Pêche
Le Majestique
Liverpool House
Maison Boulud
Monarque Restaurant
Montréal Plaza
Patrice Pâtissier
Vices & Versa
Vin Papillon

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